3 Easy Tips to Boost your CV as a Supply Teacher

Oct 12th 2018 in Resources
At Airsupply, we’re lucky enough to read lots of CVs.  As schools might also catch a glimpse of your CV, we consider what you can do to make yours stand out from the crowd. 

1. Shorter is sweet

It’s really rare for a school or recruiter to look at just one CV.  Realistically they’re going to look at lots. We’re talking hundreds each day. Making sure that the information is concise is incredibly important. Aim for having a CV of no more than 1 page in length. If you feel you’ve got masses of strong and relevant experience, then consider 2 pages. But note, this should be the preserve of teachers with many years of experience.  A really obvious way to fit more onto a page is to adjust margins. You can also toggle font size. Having everything laid out over a page or two makes your employment history look organised and relevant, reflecting the employers' first impression of you.  

2. Presentation please

How is the information being organised?  An employer needs to be able to run their eyes down your CV and pick out the key information quickly. Think about using bullet points to number the skills or roles you developed in each job. Always make sure that your education and employment are in separate areas of your CV.  Use short sentences and avoid blocks of text - sentences should not be more than two lines.   

3. Really relevant

To write a CV which is going to get a school excited, you need to think about what a school might be looking for. You may have had lots of experience outside of education and the classroom. That’s not a problem, but think about what aspects of that job a school might be interested in. If you worked at a salon, it would be relationship and communication skills over technical ability as a stylist which would interest a school. Equally keep your relevant work experience, like working at a school, to the point. Say what skills you demonstrated, and how you demonstrated them. Don’t go on a tangent and mention “various supply roles” – list the subjects and Key Stages and then list the success you had. Remember too, relevant also means up to date. Keep that CV updated!

We’ve put together our own template. If you’d like a copy, email contact@airsupply.org.uk saying CV PLEASE and we’ll send you an attachment. We’re happy to look through any CVs you send us if you’d like some feedback.

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