New Auto-Select service makes booking teachers even easier!

Jan 2nd 2018 in News
Schools; try our new Auto-Select service and tell us what you think! This new way of booking saves time for the school office - we'll pick the teacher for you, should you want.

Over Christmas our little elves worked hard and developed a new feature: if you as a school is in a real hurry and do not want to review a list of teachers or give the offer themselves, we can do it all for you in the new Auto-Select service which we are piloting from today. Have a go, see how simple it is, and who knows, it may be your new favourite way of booking emergency supply? We'd be delighted to hear feedback from schools, as always, and we expect to tweak the service after a few weeks.

The experience from a teacher's point of view is the same: express interest and receive an offer you can accept if you like.

Happy teaching!

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