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Duncan Verry
CEO, Airsupply
Jul 26th 2023 in Resources
New teacher jobs feature

Airsupply is pleased to launch its new permanent teacher job posting feature. In response to the recruitment crisis in education, we are determined to help schools with an ‘outcomes-based solution’ reaching the growing numbers of teachers registering with Airsupply.


We still believe that too much of a school budget is spent on commissions to agencies and subscriptions and advertising costs to companies with slick sales operations. The thousands of teachers leaving the profession and lack of new trainees mean that every recruitment exercise will be difficult. Why pay in advance if you know the odds are against you?


Outcome-based and payment on success recruitment provides more value for schools. Years of domination from old advertising models and traditional agencies have left schools with an impossible dilemma – pay up front for unlimited amounts of something you may not need, or pay an agency £6,000+ if you hire a teacher.


We want to change this dilemma and save money for schools. The recruitment and retention challenge is significant enough without it bleeding money from schools on a constant basis. Too many schools are paying for advertising and the result yields zero or very few candidates and failures in this regard should not result in more advertising or a renewed subscription.


Our permanent job feature will allow free access to notify the vast network of Airsupply teachers. Free to create an account, free to post unlimited jobs.

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