coverage of Airsupply

Oct 24th 2017 in News
"In five years’ time I’d love to see that Airsupply has revolutionised the way in which teachers are recruited within the UK and the talent which UK schools are able to attract."

"The daughter of a supply teacher, growing up I witnessed first-hand the pressures which came with supply teaching. The issue in the inadequacies of how the school/ supply teacher relationship worked struck me when I discussed with an old friend, active in the educational sector, the difficulties that schools were having in finding and recruiting supply support. However, after having a successful career in healthcare, where I had spent time negotiating similarly strict qualification and safeguarding criteria among clinical staff, I felt ready to tackle it head on and founded Airsupply." Read more here: coverage of Airsupply

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Airsupply teachers typically earn £30 per day more, doing work they choose.

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