Can a supply teaching job help us to “be the change”?

Jan 18th 2023 in Resources
Change has been cited by many as a catalyst for revitalising our lives and the lives of others. Change such as taking up a new supply teaching job often leads to a new sense of purpose, creates an opportunity to meet new acquaintances, evaluate new ideas, and provides opportunities to grow- both personally and professionally. Having a purpose which nourishes others, inevitably leads to personal nourishment. 

Supply teaching job roles that make a difference 

Change is often top of mind as a new year arrives. A new year, a new beginning! It’s the time of year for both reflection and a thought or two for the future. A time when we take the time to ask each other about future plans, our aims and goals, our pledges and resolutions!

With so much change happening in the world around us, we often like to hold onto sameness, perhaps it feels settling. And yet, embracing intentional, mindfully led change can be exactly what we need at times. 

Whether you are considering returning to teaching? Or looking to see what supply teaching jobs are out there in other schools? Or you simply wish to rebalance your work-life equilibrium - a supply teaching role can often create that impetus, as it has done for many of our current teaching staff. 

I’ve never met a teacher that didn’t acknowledge the huge difference they make to young people's lives and our communities. Every teacher I’ve met feels that sense of doing something worthwhile for the greater good. No doubt it’s an initial motivation to become a teacher in the first place. 

And yet, sadly, some of the very best full-time teachers do leave their posts education or begin to find the shine has worn off a little. Term-end tiredness, personal pressures, health, and relentless routines just to name a few of the possible reasons. Sometimes these feelings will pass, occasionally though, we crave a change which acknowledges that we also have a personal responsibility to ourselves as well as others, “where am I in all this” so to speak. Supply teaching as a career choice can help to restore a sense of being centred.

Many formerly full-time teachers choose to work as supply teachers. It's a way of supporting purpose, and many, if not all of the best aspects of a teaching career, whilst maintaining a more flexible personal setting. Choosing our own hours, rates of pay and being able to separate work from personal time are just a few of the benefits of joining Airsupply.

Finding the right supply teaching provider

Are all supply teaching jobs made equal? No, there are supply teaching jobs and there are supply teaching jobs. One of the main differentiators is pay, another is around being able to be flexible. That balance between the needs of schools, and the requirements of teachers is a very important and fine balance. One which Airsupply work very hard at maintaining. 

The Airsupply platform - Better pay and more flexibility

By adopting and developing leading edTech technology with support from Twinkl, a leading educational resource provider, Airsupply achieves a win, win for schools and teachers. Creating a simple-to-use platform, which reduces the headaches and admin for schools and teachers reduces costs for schools and leaves more available to meet the pay expectations of Airsupply teachers.  

But it’s not all about the platform, Airsupply also has a dedicated school team, and a friendly and experienced teacher team to offer that personal touch when needed. 

Join in the supply teacher conversation - Airsupply community & teacher blog

Joining with Airsupply is of course, primarily about fair, flexible supply teaching work in schools that suit you. Airsupply also acknowledges that our teachers very much have a sense of being part of the future of the supply teaching story. 

Airsupply has been particularly forward-thinking in terms of the management of work allocation, and platform efficiencies which translate into better pay and benefits for our teaching staff. So unique is this level of platform development within education that often Airsupply feels as much like an education movement as an agency. 

With that idea for change and unity in mind, we encourage our teachers to have a voice and recognise their valued position within the Airsuppy wider community. 

We’re not exactly raising rebels here at Airsupply, but we are very keen to know how our community of school leaders and teachers want to take things forward into the coming year and beyond. We’re here to make a difference in education and our community is just as much a part of all that we are and can be.  

So, if you have an idea you’d like to voice or have an experience you’d like to share as a supply teacher, or simply ask the Airsupply teacher community a question, then check out our Airsupply Teaching Community. 

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog post. 

Our team here at Airsupply are always happy to discuss how we can support your teaching career with great pay and flexibility in schools that suit you. 

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