What is the Supply Teaching Revolution?

Mar 20th 2018 in News
We believe that supply teaching should be transparent and ethical. It's something we will fight for. With school budgets so tight and teacher salaries shrinking, there is no room for middlemen with high commissions.

There is a new breed of supply teacher recruitment companies - we are proud to be one of them.

So what are these new breeds of services? Companies like Airsupply, Teacherbooker, Zen Educate and Flexiteach, with business models that are closer to Airbnb and Uber than traditional agencies.

Traditionally, schools ring up agencies in the early hours of the morning asking for supply teachers to cover last-minute vacancies. Some agencies offer fair rates, but others monopolise the school’s weak negotiating position for their own financial gain. We keep hearing the same story from teachers: ‘I was paid £80 for a day’s work, the school was charged £200 and the agency pocketed £120’. It is common for agencies to earn over 100% commission.  

In the supply teaching revolution, things work differently. The process is simple and quick. With Airsupply, schools post roles and within minutes there is a list of relevant qualified local teachers. Day rates are clearly labelled. The school then decides which teachers to place, and makes a formal offer through the platform. Schools and teachers communicate directly through technology, without the need for gatekeepers.  Airsupply teachers are fully vetted before appearing on our website.

If you're passionate about doing right by supply teachers and schools then you should fight for fair rates in your own way, big or small. Your choice of recruitment company can be a big part of this. We feel that it’s important to choose an ethical firm. Through our partnership with the Guardian we can save schools thousands of pounds, teachers earn up to 20% more; ethical standards whilst still turning a profit.

Teachers earn more. Schools save money. It is time to change the game.

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Airsupply teachers typically earn £30 per day more, doing work they choose.

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