Why your health and wellbeing matters

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Duncan Verry
CEO, Airsupply
Sep 23rd 2020 in Health & Wellbeing
Teaching is tough—we know that and you know that. It's both physically and mentally demanding. In a 2019 survey by the charity Education Support more than three-quarters of teachers described themselves as stressed. Excessive workload and working hours are continually cited by teachers as the main causes of workplace stress. As a supply teacher, you have the added challenges of having to adapt quickly to a new school and not always knowing when the next role will become available. The coronavirus pandemic has created added stress for teachers with greater uncertainty in schools.

The impact of stress

Common symptoms of stress can include irritability, mood swings and exhaustion. If not managed, these can escalate into anxiety, depression and burnout. If you are experiencing high levels of stress you will not perform to the best of your ability in the classroom. 

Your health and wellbeing is essential for creating a positive learning environment within the schools that you are teaching in.

Free Health and Wellbeing Support

The modern agency supports their employees with a genuine interest in their welfare. It's not about chatty calls and friendly banter before asking you to take a Year 5 class 40 miles away. It’s about proper support.

We have partnered with Champion Health to offer our teachers FREE Health and Wellbeing Support. Complete a short online questionnaire and you will be provided with a personalised plan that includes advice and actions on how you can make meaningful changes to manage your health. Your individual report will give you a personalised view of four main areas of health: Musculoskeletal Health, Lifestyle Health, Mental Health and Energy Levels.

You can track the progress you make and the positive steps you have taken to be happy and healthy. All health information that you provide is stored by our partner with maximum security and is fully anonymised and confidential.

Find out more

If you would like to sign up for FREE contact us at contact@airsupply.org.uk. The offer is available to Airsupply teachers that sign up before 23rd October 2020.

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