Information and policies for hirers

  • Our fee is 12.5% of the teacher's day rate

  • We will invoice you monthly, with 30 day payment terms

  • You are responsible for paying the teacher - either via your payroll or if the teacher has chosen to be self-employed, on invoice from the teacher (or the Umbrella Company)

  • We will contact you after the first day worked and thereafter regularly to ensure there are not safeguarding or other concerns on your side, but please raise any concerns as soon as possible

  • If the teacher does not arrive as agreed, we will do our best to offer a suitable replacement

  • You can contact us 24/7, and we will do our best to get back to you within an hour during business hours, or within 4 hours during evenings and weekends

  • Our contact email is, and telephone is 0330 122 6629, our business and postal address is: 5th Floor, 100 High Street, The Grange, London N14 6BN, United Kingdom