Supply teaching jobs that are fair, flexible and better paid

Find jobs that pay you more, in schools that suit you

A fairer deal for supply teachers


Better pay

We charge schools less so you can get a better rate. Airsupply teachers earn at least £20 more per day.

Greater flexibility

Work to your own schedule, set your own rate and choose to teach in schools that you prefer.

Ongoing support

Teaching isn’t always easy so we offer free CPD and Health and Wellbeing Support.

Supply teaching that works for you

Airsupply is different to recruitment agencies. We respect your choices and treat you as an individual. We only send you roles that match your preferences. KS2? Maximum 30 minutes travel? PAYE? Of course. Long term only? No problem.

We give you full information about schools before you choose. You can make your choice without having to explain yourself. You get to teach on your terms without having to compromise.

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30 min travel

You’re a few steps away from finding the right roles

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Airsupply. Register now→


You'll tell us about your qualifications and teaching preferences and then upload a few documents so that we can confirm your identity.


We'll check your documents and arrange a quick video call to verify your identity and are a-ok to teach.


We’ll match you to vacancies that fit your requirements. You decide which ones appeal to you.


When you accept a role, we’ll message you directions and contact information so that you are ready for the classroom.

Teaching that supply teachers love

Teachers like you are happier than ever with Airsupply. 

Any lesson
"Airsupply always respond to any queries promptly and want to go the extra mile for their teachers. I cannot recommend them highly enough. A really friendly, efficient company."Kabir, Primary school teacher
"On my profile I wrote I was looking for a long term within 15 minutes from my house. They got me a long term role in 5 days."Claire, Secondary school teacher
"It's incredibly easy to use and before you know it you're building these great relationships with schools and earning quite a lot more. I've told all my colleagues, it's a no-brainer."Jenny, Secondary school teacher

Top questions from teachers


How quickly will I find supply teacher work in my area?

Airsupply is already working with both primary and secondary schools across the UK. We are a growing company and in partnership with Twinkl, are recruiting new schools every week. Our aim is to find you supply teacher jobs that pay more, in schools that suit you as soon as possible.

What happens after I register?

You will need to upload a few documents so that we can do a background check to verify you’re a-okay to teach. These include right to work, photo ID, proof of address, details of your teaching qualifications,a valid DBS certificate, CV and two references.

What do I need to do to get approved to teach?

Once you have provided your documents, we will check them, request your references and then arrange a quick video call to verify your identity. Once we have confirmed all of this you will be ready to teach.

How do I get a role?

In your dashboard, you can see all the roles that are available to you. You then select the role(s) that you are interested in. The school will view your profile and if they think you are the right supply teacher for them, offer you the role. You then accept the offer and will receive an email and text to confirm the placement.

How much will I get paid?

When you register with Airsupply, you set your daily rate. This is the rate that schools will pay you and will not be subject to any deductions from Airsupply. The usual statutory deductions will be made from your pay for tax, NI and student loan repayments (if due). The only other deductions will be for union fees (if you are a member and pension contributions if you are part of the Teachers Pension Scheme.